Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Design to Stitch

Unfortunately due to lack of students the workshop was cancelled, but rather than disappoint the two ladies I ran it from my home.
The day went really well and was enjoyed by both Sue and Vicky, who went home with a good supply of painted papers & 2 fabric pieces- hopefully they can use them in future projects!!

I have now managed to get the paint and glue off most of my fingers, it did help washing all the little pots etc that were used during the day!!.

My next workshop will be on Wednesday 9th July 10.00am to 4.00pm- 'Design to Stitch' at Avant Garden Centre, Wigan Road, Leyland PR25 5XW  £35.00 which includes a light lunch & all refreshments during the day. If you are interested please ring Avant Garden Centre pn 01772 433777 to book and obtain a requirement list.

The ultimate goal of this workshop is to take away the fear of design & the cries of "but I can't draw". The aim is to experiment with various ways of creating a design with the ultimate idea of making a piece of textile art.

We will use photos, pictures from magazines, postcards & books, and we will develop various methods eg. sketching, collaging, mark making & the old ways of using your eyes to really look!!!

We will discuss more advanced methods of design as in Photoshop & the use of mixed media- Playtime again!

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