Saturday, 2 September 2017

Dyeing Day

Well I have had a play day with a new batch of tray dyeing- tiring but worth it- look at results below-

Finished results

papers dyed with expired dyes

dyed threads

dyed bags

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Weaving workshop

As you can see on Natural Progression's blog, we are running three mini workshops at Towneley Hall.
I am running the 'Simple Weaving' workshop tomorrow and spent most of yesterday and today preparing the looms.

We will be using three largish peg looms, and a variety of small makeshift looms.

I really need to source some yarns, fabric, string etc and finish the prep.

I will post some photos thats assuming some people book onto the workshops.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

alcohol ink workshop

The workshop was a great success despite only having 4 students. As we had limited time I could only demonstrate a few techniques, but enough to get them going and wanting more.

However, the weather was not being kind to us as it was very oppressive and extremely sticky. It was a good job we needed all the windows and the door open!

Below are some photos of the day and especially showing three of the ladies work. Unfortunately one lady had to leave a bit early due to domestic reasons, and I did not catch her in time. However she did some lovely pieces.

We worked on Yupo, Encaustic card, silk and cotton fabric, tiles, metal, wood and  card. The tiles particularly produced some stunning effects.

                                                               Busy Bees

                                                                  The finished pieces

Friday, 14 July 2017

Berwick and beyond

John and I have just got back from a few days in Berwick. We had a great time, the B&B was good, weather excellent and countryside beautiful.

We managed to walk around most of the walls, visit the Barrack Museum, The Town hall guided tour, went on a steam train ride, visited a working , flour mill, Heavy Horse Museum and go to see My Cousin Rachel at the cinema.

Not bad considering, we had to find our way round and eat loads- my diet starts Monday.

Below are a few photos, which feature Gertie in some- She gets everywhere. See if you can spot her?

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

'Alcohol not just a Drink?

Following a highly successful workshop at Parbold Embroiderers Guild, I am running this workshop at Avant Garden Centre, Hopefully this will be as successful, we shall see---.

Its great fun, and the results are stunning.

 Wednesday 19th July 10.30am to 3.30pm at Avant Garden Centre, Wigan Road, Leyland, Lancs PR25 5XW T 01772 433777. £40.00 which includes all tuition, a light lunch and refreshments. Please contact Avant Garden Centre to book and obtain details.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

craft Fair

Well, now I have completed all my pieces of work for Natural Progression's next exhibition 'Libertas' at Towneley Hall, nearly finished all the paperwork and sorted out the signage, I have decided to do a craft fair.

Its this coming Sunday 25th June at Aztex Venue, Pleasure Island, South Promenade, St Annes, Lancs FY8 1LS 11.00am to 4.00pm.

I have not done a craft fair for a while now, as very busy, but thought  would give this one a go to see how it pans out.

I am going solo on this one, as Caroline is busy, so fingers  crossed I manage to set up without too much difficulty.

I will add some photos after the event, and let you know how the day was.

The day was not a good day as I made a loss, not sure whether my items were perhaps not right for Summer or they just did not appeal. It did look to me that money is tight, as I only sold three items which were greatly reduced and in the Bargain Box.

I did however have some nice comments about my work, so maybe not all bad. Also my new collapsible trolley worked well.

Here are a few photos taken at the start of the day when I was feeling optimistic!


Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Turkey and beyond

Hi all well back from Turkey with a cold thanks to my Sister.

However brilliant holiday, despite weird incidents occurring.

We had a mix up at the Hilton Hotel at Stansted who sent us to the main airport long stay car park in error, eventually sorted after dragging our cases about a mile, and nearly having a heart attack. Due to their wrong info were gained a free breakfast and drinks. I was debating whether to trip over a carpet to get a free dinner, but thought that may not end well.

We had a event free journey to Turkey, and made friends with a lovely couple Doreen and Alan from London, and a wonderful lady who is an actress. Not sure how to spell her name.

We visited plenty of ancient sites and ate plenty of food. Unfortunately my Sister is unable to eat anything which contains gluten (bread & cakes-for which Turkey is well known) and a tree nut allergy. The Nut allergy manifested it self big time in Rhodes (one day & night stay) which meant she looked like a chameleon and I had to get an emergency doctor to her for an instant antihistamine jab.

Unfortunately the Greek prescription could not be used in Turkey, but we did get to go to a drop in hospital with two whirling Dervishes- told you we were weird!

Of course I had to be a food taster the rest of the holiday-dirty job but someone has to do it!!!

The second week was to be a relaxing time in a hotel by the sea- it was okay but I get extremely bored sitting around, so we managed a trip to Ismir and two trips to Kasadusi. The referendum was also taking place, so that was exciting despite alcohol ban in our hotel which was all inclusive???

Here are a few photos- note Gertie the rabbit gets in on the act quite a few times with her especially designed holiday outfit- made entirely with a cheap guenuine fake Pierre Cardin scarf, paper scissors and a hotel freeby sewing kit.

me looking divine

a Judus tree

Jill looking hot

Jill and Doreen playing at being ladies of the night in the same named lane

Gurcelp our tour leader

Me with a big cockeral!!!!

Whirling Dervishes

Random children making a video at a mosque

Marishia!!! Alan and Doreen

Jill at work making Gertie's oiutfits

Gertie in her evening wear

Gertie in her very revealing swimsuit/underwear

Gertie drinking Turkish tea

Gertie relaxing by the pool with her designer day bag and bracelet- she is lying in an Ikea type bra cup.