Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Bay Horse Craft Fair

Well I'm ashamed to see that I have not posted anything since September. In my defence I have been extremely busy as North West Chair for the Embroiderers Guild- drowning in paperwork!!!

Anyway after two failed craft fairs- one by flood and the other by being given the wrong date, I have managed to run a stall at a fairly successful craft fair at The Bay Horse in Adlington.

Despite having the rements of a cold, and the Bay Horse Barn being freezing, I managed to do pretty well.

Photos below-

Sunday, 24 September 2017

cardiff and beyond

Well just got back from a short break in Cardiff- what a beautiful city. Compact and easy to navigate.
We were very impressed with the free entry to places and cheap tickets for boat trips and cinema etc.

I took loads of photos as usual and a few are below-

St Fagans

Chris looking for new property

I remember using my Grans mangle outside in the cold

Help I can remember some of these brands of food!

School house

Iron age roundhouse reconsructed on original site

Mediaval house being reconstructed using local craftsmen

Cardiff Castle

Norman keep

Cardiff Castle 

Chris at war
remnents of war

Cardiff Museum

Dinosar nest reconstruction

reconstruction of dinosar in an egg

Cardiff Bay

Norwegian Church

Poppy display

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Dyeing Day

Well I have had a play day with a new batch of tray dyeing- tiring but worth it- look at results below-

Finished results

papers dyed with expired dyes

dyed threads

dyed bags

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Weaving workshop

As you can see on Natural Progression's blog, we are running three mini workshops at Towneley Hall.
I am running the 'Simple Weaving' workshop tomorrow and spent most of yesterday and today preparing the looms.

We will be using three largish peg looms, and a variety of small makeshift looms.

I really need to source some yarns, fabric, string etc and finish the prep.

I will post some photos thats assuming some people book onto the workshops.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

alcohol ink workshop

The workshop was a great success despite only having 4 students. As we had limited time I could only demonstrate a few techniques, but enough to get them going and wanting more.

However, the weather was not being kind to us as it was very oppressive and extremely sticky. It was a good job we needed all the windows and the door open!

Below are some photos of the day and especially showing three of the ladies work. Unfortunately one lady had to leave a bit early due to domestic reasons, and I did not catch her in time. However she did some lovely pieces.

We worked on Yupo, Encaustic card, silk and cotton fabric, tiles, metal, wood and  card. The tiles particularly produced some stunning effects.

                                                               Busy Bees

                                                                  The finished pieces

Friday, 14 July 2017

Berwick and beyond

John and I have just got back from a few days in Berwick. We had a great time, the B&B was good, weather excellent and countryside beautiful.

We managed to walk around most of the walls, visit the Barrack Museum, The Town hall guided tour, went on a steam train ride, visited a working , flour mill, Heavy Horse Museum and go to see My Cousin Rachel at the cinema.

Not bad considering, we had to find our way round and eat loads- my diet starts Monday.

Below are a few photos, which feature Gertie in some- She gets everywhere. See if you can spot her?